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About Compass Game Works – Page 3

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I received a calling in January of 2004 to go into the ministry. Who could believe that? But I trusted that God would lead me where i was supposed to go, and He has. It was in November of that year that God first gave me the vision for Compass Game Works. As it began to unfold, I could see how He had so intricately touched so much of my life to bring me to where I was. I could see how the things that I believed to be “mere coincidence” at the time were so much more. They were God’s hand guiding me and leading my life, sometimes with me following, sometimes in spite of me.

I had spent the better part of 46 years lost. I spent the next 4 years doing what I had always done in my life, rationalizing everything that was going on and trying to explain it. I finally gave in to the truth. The truth was, my whole life had been about my choices, mostly bad ones. The right choices, the good choices had always been there, I just chose not to make them. It seemed easier to follow what the world told me was right, rather than what my heart told me.

Once I finally surrendered completely to the One who created me, the One who created the beautiful outdoors that I love so dearly, He opened my eyes to real beauty, the beauty of His Love and His Grace through His Son, Jesus Christ.

God completed my calling to the ministry in June of 2007, when I was offered a position on staff at one of the fastest growing churches in America, Bay Area Fellowship in Corpus Christi Texas. I became Pastor of Home Teams at the church that had played such a huge part in the changes that had taken place in my life and have since become campus Pastor at Bay Area Fellowship Padre Island. So now my life had come full circle. I can only imagine what He still has in store.

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