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Antler King ® Red Zone

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New for 2008 is Antler King’s RED ZONE food plot mix. All serious whitetail hunters are looking for ways to increase their chances of scoring on a trophy buck. Antler King’s RED ZONE is a food plot designed to do just that! RED ZONE is comprised of 2 varieties of forage and grain soybeans, a variety of forage peas, a variety of buckwheat and more! RED ZONE will mature at different periods throughout the year, offering a food plot the deer will crave during the spring, summer, fall and winter. RED ZONE can be planted from May thru August in the northern U.S. and March thru September in the southern U.S. (When planting in the fall, plant at least 60 days before the first expected frost) If you can only plant one food plot this year, you need to plant RED ZONE! Plant RED ZONE and put yourself in position to score this season! Available in 1/2 acre bag.

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