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Action Back


Below are a few of the frequently asked questions we get about “The Action Back”. I will try to include answers from the Pros in the field as often as possible.
Q 1. How long does the 9-volt battery last?
A – “I still have the original battery in after putting out 25-30, 50# bags of fertilizer & probably 20-25 bags of seed, plus my neighbor put 10 bags of grass seed thru it. I’m wondering when it will run out! I just carry a spare in the side pocket.”Mark Thomas Chairman of the Board – QDMA
Bottom line, that’s @ least 3500# of fertilizer & seed so far on 1 Duracell battery <><Dave
Q 2. Will it spread any size seed?
A – The ID on the downspout is 1 1/2″ which along with the adjustable downspout regulates all the larger size seeds/feeds, fertilizer, etc. When using smaller blends, the 3/4″ & 1/2″ inserts reduce the flow to the spinner plate and then used with the adjustable downspout allow anything from clover to chufa! You can take a look at the spread & coverage rates for several different blends on this video page link<><Dave
Q 3. What kind of spread pattern does it have?
A – That’s going to be determined some by the size of the material, but for an example, fertilizer, corn, etc will be about a 10′ -12′ spread. With finer blends like clover, you can expect 10′ or a little over. You can take a look at the spread & coverage rates for several different blends on this video page link<><Dave
Q 4. How much will it hold?
A – “The Action Back” will hold about 35# of corn, 40# of fertilizer, and more clover than you can afford to pay for! The container is just less than a 5-gallon bucket size, so that’s a close estimate for you. All blends have different spread rates, but generally for 13-13-13 fertilizer, it’s about 385# per acre, white clover, 3-5# per acre, crimson clover, 25-30# per acre. For soybeans, 60-100# per acre, ryegrass, 25-30# per acre, and millet, 20-25# per acre. All commercial food plot blends will have coverage rates, but as you can see, for the most part you can plant an acre with one or two containers of seed and it would take about 10 containers for fertilizer. Doing this with “The Action Back” is a breeze with all the weight sitting on your hips from the waist-belt. Here’s a quote from Ran Thomas, senior wildlife biologist for Tecomate Wildlife, “It sure beats the tar out of those old hand crank, knuckle buster, shoulder bag seeders.” <><Dave
Q 5. How durable is it, will it spread fertilizer?
A – I’ve come to the conclusion some folks can tear up an anvil with a rubber mallet, but,,, “The Action Back” is built to last. The frame and motor box are made with aluminum and then powder coated for light weight and durability. The screws and hardware are stainless steel. The container, downspout, and reducing inserts are all polymer, (fancy word for plastic). The only thing the fertilizer will bother is the motor shaft, but, you have to take care of things. Wipe the unit down with a damp cloth and spray some WD-40 or similar lubricant on the motor shaft. Travis T-Bone Turner and Michael Waddell both got the first 2 prototypes I took to Realtree in 2006. When I started to give them new models, T-Bone said his was still going and Edwin, Michael’s dad, said theirs was still in the garage and working fine. That’s 5 yrs and these new models are even tougher! <><Dave