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Action Back

Pro’s Comments:

Rans Thomas“I will be using “The Action Back” for work on my own grounds and my clients. Excellent tool for planting remote food plots & baiting trail camera sites! It sure beats the tar out of those old hand crank, knuckle buster, shoulder bag seeders.”The Action Back” is recommended by “Thomas Resources Wildlife & Land Enhancement, Inc.”
Rans Thomas
Owner/Operator of Thomas Resources WLE______________________
todd stittleburg“After a whole season of putting in acres of food plots, I have found “The Action Back” Feeder/Seeder from Compass Game Works to be the most well built and universal seeder I have ever used! We were able to spread tons of pelletized lime and fertilizer along with numerous types of seed blends for food plots. This unit is extremely durable and very user friendly.
Todd Stittleburg
Antler King Tropy Products®__________________
“I love The Action Back and have used it for native plant fertilization and red oak/white oak fertilization. It’s extremely well built and rugged. I haul it around in my 6×6 along with my fertilizer, and then load it up, strap it on, and walk into my treatment areas. It works GREAT”
Mark Thomas
Certified Wildlife Biologist, President Forestry/Wildlife Integration
Chairman of the Board – Quality Deer Management Association_

“I have been field-testing The Action Back Feeder/Seeder by Compass Game Works and really putting it through the ringer.  I like my equipment to be well-built, long-lasting, and practical.  After ten straight days of use on bow hunts in the hill country of Texas and on the Mexico border, I am very excited about this unique tool for my hunting arsenal.  The ActionBack definitely holds up to the durability test.  As far as practicality, it works as advertised.  I have found four different hunting strategies that I can use with the help of the Action Back  —  (1) using it as a walking feeder for C’Mere Deer’s 3-Day Harvest, Shake-n-Take, and corn to chum up an area on which I want to sit, (2) hanging it from a tree stand and using the remote control from my ground blind to spread feed whenever I want, (3) Attaching it to a vehicle and using it as a spreader while driving, and (4) as a swivel seat for bow hunting from the ground.  I can think of at least two other future uses as well.  My hat is off to Dave Cotham and Compass Game Works.  This is a tool with many uses that hunters across the country will find very useful!”
Dr. Jimmy Sites – Producer/Host of Spiritual Outdoors Adventure Television Show